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  • Cannabis has been used medicinally since around 3,000 BC (That's a whopping 5,000 years). Prohibition has been in place +/- 100 Years!

Here are a selection of interesting articles from around the world:

Canada to legalize cannabis after landmark Senate vote - 20th June 2018

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CANNABIS 101 Cannabis’s Entourage Effect: Why Whole Plant Medicine Matters - 28th October 2015

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Hot off the press - Carte Blanche TV covering the medicinal use of Cannabis Oil - 17th May 2015

Very positive viewing.

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Cannabis Has Been Studied More Than Many FDA Approved Pharmaceuticals. 

Apparently Scientists now know more about cannabis as a medicine than regulators know about many of the FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that the plant could replace.

US Government Confirms And Reports That Cannabis Prevents Or Cures Certain Cancers

In a recent report, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the Federal government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), stated that marijuana “inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor–positive and estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer cell lines.” The same report showed marijuana slows or stops the growth of certain lung cancer cells and suggested that it may provide “risk reduction and treatment of colorectal cancer.”

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 SABC News, South Africa ~ Decriminalizing Marijuana

From the Newsroom - 7th April 2015


SA Government considers Cannabis - CCTV

Published on 12 Apr 2015

CCTV Media coverage of Cannabis Roundtable with Andre du Plessis.

Cannabis today 2015


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