Canna Vape is your answer to the best Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Pen.
Offering faster relief, better dosing control, convenient and discreet use and fewer side-effects, Canna Vape is one useful and highly effective method of consuming cannabis oil, whether as a stand-alone method or in combination with other methods.
Below we discuss, in detail, the amazing CannaVape product.

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  • This vaporizer is intended for the dispensing of Cannabis for medical purposes.

  • The unit comes pre-filled with 1ml of PURE, full-extract, medical grade Cannabis oil. (Our oil is pure and not mixed with anything else.)

  • Our Top Class Vaporizer heating chamber has been made with glass and a ceramic heating element to ensure the best possible result for the patient.

Vaporizing, as it applies to medical Cannabis, is the process of heating, in this instance, Cannabis oil to a temperature just below its combustion point. Although vaporizers have been around for some time now, it is only in the last five to ten years that the benefits of vaporization have become widely known.

Proper, full-extract cannabis oil use has noticeable and proven health benefits and using a vaporizor as a method of consumption allows the oil to be only heated to the point where the desired cannabinoids (typically found in the resin of the flower), are released without igniting/destroying the material.

Pen vaporizers (or “vape pens”) are essentially small vaporizers shaped like a pen or e-cig. They are typically discrete, easy to use, and much cheaper than more robust portable vaporizers or stationary vaporizers. Vape pens almost always utilize conduction heating (as opposed to the convection heating method), making it important that you understand how to operate it to ensure your product does not get overheated or even burned.

Vaporizing Cannabis extracts has become the method of choice for many medical marijuana / dagga patients with many users saying that vaping is not only convenient, but that it also delivers therapeutic benefits just as efficiently as smoking... and it’s far more discreet.

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  • Healthier - researchers concluded that vaporizers “appear to have the potential to minimize respiratory complaints.”

  • Faster Relief - the lungs absorb cannabinoids in seconds, providing almost instant relief when the vapor is inhaled.

  • Better Dosing Control - vaporizers give patients better control over dosing, since it is easy to stop inhaling once the desired effect is achieved.

  • Fewer Side Effects - a large study of medical Cannabis patients, showed vaporizers ranked highest in side effect satisfaction, meaning that patients felt most functional after vaporizing.

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User Instructions

  • How To Assemble Your Vaporizor

Take off the plastic cap on the back of the atomizer & then carefully screw the battery compartment clockwise into the hole on the atomizer. To charge, simply screw the battery into the USB and charge. The battery takes between 15-30min to fully charge (USB charger’s LED will go green).
A full charge covers approx. 100 x 8 sec doses.

  • How To Use It

N.B. To turn the Vape Pen On (Standby) or Off click the button 5 times in quick succession.

We recommend leaving the Vape in the ‘On’ (standby) function. Then each time you wish to use it, simply push the button and inhale at the same time. You can hold the button down for any duration up to 8 seconds depending on how much you wish to inhale.

The button’s LED light will turn on and will start flashing after 8 secs of holding it down. When the LED light begins to flash, stop pressing the LED button and stop inhaling.

N.B. Pressing the button too long may cause overheating and damage your beautiful Vape. If the atomizer overheats, wait until it returns to a normal temperature before using. If the heating element in the atomizer is dry it will produce a burning taste.

Your 1ml Vape canister will give you approx. 200 x 8 second doses/inhales or 400 x 4 second doses/inhales.

  • Refills

Please order only a new glass chamber replacement filled with 1ml of PURE Cannabis oil.

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